LED Emergency Battery

If you have any questions about the Universal LED Emergency Battery or any other Bri-Tek Technologies product, please get in touch, tel: 0161 850 0905, email: info@britektechnologies.com or simply fill in the form below and we’ll contact you as soon as possible.

Bri-Tek Technologies Ltd

Bri-Tek constantly utilizes technologies that push the boundaries to achieve quality, innovative and highly energy efficient LED products. Delivering a sound business case with value and real CO2 reductions for customers is a key component of what we offer. As a result of this continued effort to lead from thefront lines, Bri-Tek has established one of the UK's widest ranges of LED lighting solutions on the market.

Bri-Tek maintains high quality and efficiency of service in the LED lighting sector while delivering true value and solid performance standards in its low energy-long life LED lighting products.